The Musical Theatre History Subway Map

Revised, expanded, updated, the new Broadway Musical History Subway Map celebrates collaborations across the history of musical theatre. Since it’s original inception in 2008, the map has provided musical lovers around the world hours of enjoyment.

Custom sizes on request

Musical Theatre
Tote Bag

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Rave Review Wrapping Paper

Your gifts are already a hit when wrapped in this vintage style wrapping paper. Perfect for any occasion from birthdays to opening night gifts, this high quality wrapping paper is going to stand out from all others.
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My Broadway Lexicon

This is my A to Z of Broadway. Making an ABC on any subject with a rich history is challenging. Not only do you have to wrestle with difficult letters like Q or X but you have find yourself lousy with choices from letters like C or S. To help with my difficult choices, I followed a simple criteria: which one is my favorite.


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