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the broadway oracle

Are you ready to stop being the understudy and start being the main character in your own life? 
Are you ready to step onto the stage of life and embrace the magic and wonder of Broadway? Look no further than The Broadway Oracle! Filled with quotes from beloved shows like “Rent,” “The Phantom of the Opera,” “A Chorus Line,” “Waitress,” “Hairspray,” “West Side Story,” “Dear Evan Hansen,” “Hamilton,” “The Lion King,” “Les Miserables,” “Cats,” “Chicago,” “Mamma Mia,” and “The Book of Mormon,” each card is a veritable treasure trove of theatrical inspiration and guidance.

With each card carefully crafted to offer practical guidance and motivation, you’ll find yourself tapping into the power of the theater like never before. Whether you’re facing a tough decision, a personal challenge, or just need a little inspiration to get through the day, our Broadway lyric oracle cards are here to help you take center stage and unlock your full potential.

So why wait? Order The Broadway Oracle today and start living your life like a true diva of the stage! With the power of Broadway at your fingertips, anything is possible – and our oracle cards are the perfect way to tap into that power and unleash your inner superstar. Whether you’re a seasoned theater buff or just looking for a little extra inspiration in your life, our Broadway lyric oracle cards are sure to become your go-to resource for guidance, motivation, and theatrical flair. So don’t wait – raise the curtain on a new chapter of your life and order your Broadway lyric oracle cards today!

There’s no wrong way to use The Oracle. Everyone can do it. Just keep a song in your heart and the meaning will come to you!

The cards are 2.75x4.75 inches—like a standard deck of tarot cards. Each deck includes 100 unique cards.