Things for Theatre Lovers

by a Designer Who Loves Theatre

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Need to grab some apples to eat while watching Annie?  What about bananas for Barnum?  How about limes and lemons for Lorelei?  Making a ham sandwich while you listen to Hamilton?

Wait...I’ve got more!

Shopping with Sondheim?  Hoarding with Herman?  Stocking up with Stroman?  Getting stuff with Gershwin?  Or maybe you’re browsing with Balanchine?

There’s always something you need to pick up. Carry this bag with you a whistle a happy tune.

It could also a handy reference if you happen to stop in to some pub trivia in Chelsea.

There’s not a more perfect way to blend your fascination with musical theater and tote bags. Or is that just me?

Three sizes for the drama nerd on the go! the small one is great for lunch or toiletries or as a gift bag. The larger bags are perfect for groceries, sheet music, books, or that special haul from the BCEFA Flea Market! Extra long handle for crossbody action on the XL bag.

Available in Tiny, Regular, and XL

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